Debut of Jakub Iskra in Serie A!!


Jakub Iskra with debut in Serie A!

Our side back appeared on the pitch at 58th minute in SPAL Ferrara against Torino. 

Jakub became the youngest polish player with debut in European TOP 5 leagues. 


Cingratulations Jakub!

Adam Stefański in Sorrento 1945!


Adam Stefański joins Sorrento 1945 senior team (Serie D) on 1 year loan from SPAL Ferrara. 

Congratulations Adam!

Gracjan Szyszka in Cosenza on loan!


Gracjan Szyszka joins Cosenza U-19 team on 1 year loan from SPAL Ferrara. 

Fingers crossed Gracjan!

Patryk Rychlik called up to Polish National Team U-16!


Our talented defender from FASE Szczecin got National Team U-16 call up! It's a big day for Patryk, congratulations!

Szymon Matysiak in Livorno Calcio!


Szymon Matysiak - our 2002 goalkeeper joined Livorno Calcio on loan with buy option from Torino. 

Big chance for you Szymon! Fingers crossed!

Oskar Klessa in SPAL Ferrara!


Oskar Klessa - talented central defender from FASE Szczecin joins SPAL Ferrara on definitive transfer!


Big congratulations for Oskar and his family.

Jakub Iskra with call up to National team of Poland U-19!


Not a suprise, but always makes us very proud. Jakub Iskra (SPAL Ferrara) with call up to National Team of Poland U-19!

Jakub Iskra extended his cooperation agreement with FAMG!


Jakub Iskra trusted us again, and extended his cooperation agreement with us until 2024! 

Thank you for trusting us Jakub!

Sebastian Jarosz extended his cooperation agreement with FAMG!


Sebastian Jarosz trusted us again, and extended his cooperation agreement with us for next years!

Thank you for trusting us Sebastian!

Szymon Emche with first goal in Chojniczanka Chojnice!


Szymon Emche with his debut goal in Chojniczanka Chojnice! He appeared on the pitch at 83rd minute, and scored in 90th.

Historical day in Szymon's career, congrats!

Szymon Emche in Chojniczanka Chojnice!


Szymon Emche after playing 1 year in Italian Cremonese decided to come back to Poland to join Chojniczanka Chojnice - strong club in Polish 2 Liga. 


Congratulations Szymon!

Aleks Łęcki in Concordia Elbląg!


Aleks Łęcki in Concordia Elbląg! Our talented side back decided to come back to his home town to play senior football. He joins new club on 1 year loan from FASE Szczecin. 

Fingers crossed Aleks!


Jakub Uzar and Bartłomiej Łyczek joins Stal Rzeszów on loan!


We are very happy to announce that Jakub Uzar (2003) and Bartłomiej Łyczek (2004) - both players of FASE Szczecin, join Stal Rzeszów on 1 year loan with buy option. 

Congratulations boys!

Top talent of FASE Szczecin 2005 in FAMG!


Patryk Rychlik - player regarded as top talent of defenders of 2005 in Poland joins our agency!


Thank you and your family for trust Patryk!

Karol Tomaszewski in FAMG!


Karol Tomaszewski - 2005 midfielder of FASE Szczecin joins our agency. 

Thank you Karol!


Bartek Łuczak and Piotr Karwowski in Piast Gliwice!


Bartek Łuczak and Piotr Karwowski join Piast Gliwice on 1 year loan from FASE Szczecin. 

Congratulation boys!


Marcel Juszczak in FAMG!


Marcel Juszczak (2005) - talented central midfielder of FASE Szczecin joins FAMG.

Thank you for trusting us Marcel!


Player of Cracovia Kraków - Jan Mróz in FAMG!


Young player of Cracovia Kraków Jan Mróz decided to trust and join FAMG team!


Thank you very much Jan! From now on we go forward together.



Michał Serdyński changes club in USA league!


Michał Serdyński - GK - thanks to his good games in USA, was scouted by US Charlestone! He joins there on transfer. 

Fingers crossed in new club!



Maciej Mas signed with Cagliari Calcio!


Maciej Mas (2001) - our talented striker joins Italian Serie A club - Cagliari Calcio!

Maciej has been scouted by Cagliari representatives during a game of GKS Bełchatów (he was on loan to GKS Bełchatów from UKS SMS Łódź). 

Maciej joins Cagliari on 6-months loan with buy option from UKS SMS Łódź. 

Congratulations Maciej!

Adam Stefański in SPAL Ferrara!


Our another transfer hit! 

Adam Stefański (2003) leaves FASE Szczecin and joins to Italian SPAL Ferrara (Serie A)!

Big congratulations Adam! Fingers crossed!

Jakub Świder (Pogoń Szczecin) goes on loan to Chemik Police!


Jakub Świder (2002) - talented winger from Pogoń Szczecin U-18 goes on loan to Chemik Police (3rd league). 

Good luck Jakub! 

Talented defender of FASE - Oskar Klessa joins FAMG!


Talented defender of FASE Szczecin - Oskar Klessa (2004) joins our agency! 

Big thanks to Oskar and his parents for trust!

Hubert Antkowiak in Resovia Rzeszów!


Our talented striker (1996) Hubert Antkowiak joins Resovia Rzeszów (2nd league) on loan from Miedź Legnica (1st league). 

We wish you a lot of goals Hubert!

Ryo Yoshioka in RKS Radomsko!


Ryo Yoshioka (2000) - Japanese striker with his first contract in Poland. Ryo joins RKS Radomsko - 3rd league club. 


Congratulations Ryo! 


Transfer in cooperation with Foot Link agency. More information about our partners below. 

Adam Stefański with FAMG!


Adam Stefański (2003) - offensive midfielder of FASE Szczecin trusted our agency and decided to continue his career with us. 

Thank you Adam!

Shun Shibata in Olimpia Zambrów!


Shun Shibata (1997) - very talented offensive Japanese player with his first contract in Poland. Shun is a new player of 3rd league Olimpia Zambrów!

Congratulations Shun! 

Transfer in cooperation with Foot Link agency. You can read more below. 

Dawid Wach - goes on loan from Legia Warszawa to Wólczanka Wólka Pełkińska!


Dawid Wach (2000) - very talented and universal player goes on loan from Legia Warszawa to Wólczanka Wólka Pełkińska - very ambitious club in 3rd league. 


Congrats Dawid!

Maciej Krakowiak comes back from Japan and joins KKS Kalisz!


Maciej Krakowiak - our goalkeeper who spent last 3 years in Japanese club FC Imabari, decided to come back to Poland. His new club will be KKS Kalisz, which currently is leader of league III fighting for promotion to higher league. 

Congratulations Maciej!

Patryk Woźniak joins RKS Radomsko!


Patryk Woźniak (2001) - our central midfielder joins RKS Radomsko on definitive transfer! Until today Patryk was representing Mazur Ełk. 

Congratulations Patryk! Fingers crossed!

Representatives and partners of FAMG on Football Academy convent.


Representative of our agency FAMG - Tomasz Drankowski together with our Italian partner - Mr Alessandro Acri - were invited to annual event of Football Academy. 

"Football Academy convent is always a great time for us, when we can meet all together and plan next steps in our football activities. Organisation on top level - as always! Big thanks for inviting us!" - said Tomasz Drankowski.

For more information about Football Academy - click the banner below.  

Marcin Wiśniewski - transfered to KP Starogard Gdański


Marcin Wiśniewski (2001) - joins his mother club KP Starogard Gdański on definitive transfer! 

Congrats Marcin! And fingers crossed!

Szymon Matysiak - GK of Torino - signs new management contract with FAMG!


Szymon Matysiak (2002) - our GK of Italian Serie A club Torino, trusted us again and signed new cooperation deal. 

We are extremely happy about that. Szymon is not only great potential player, but also a great person. 


Grazie Szymon!

Bartosz Kunat with us for next years!


Bartosz Kunat (1999) trusted us for next years! 

Bartosz is a right side defender/winger who currently plays for his mother club ROW Rybnik 

Thank you Bartosz!

Borys Sobstyl-Jałoszyński with new management contract with FAMG!


This kind of information is best for us! Borys Sobstyl-Jałoszyński with new management contract with us!

We are very glad to see that our work is appreciated by such ambitious young players like Borys. 


Thank you!

Marcin Wiśniewski trusted us again!


Marcin Wiśniewski is a real hard worker. Born in 2001 he is a left footed defender/winger. His attributes are: strength, agility, and big heart to play. 

His mother club is KP Starogard, from where he moved to Lechia Gdańsk Academy. 
Currently playing for Świt Szczecin. 

Marcin trusted us again, for next years of cooperation. Thank you!

Italian job!


Gracjan Szyszka (2003) and Szymon Emche (2001) - so far FASE players, joined Italian side SPAL 2013 Ferrara (Szyszka) and U.S. Cremonese (Emche) on a permanent deal.

We are very happy that Gracjan and Szymon will be our showcase in Italy, because we strongly believe in their hard work ethics and amazing character. Congratulations gentlemen!

Thank you Tomasz Drankowski and Foot Link agency for cooperation in both transfers.

Close cooperation with Tomek Drankowski (Foot Link)


Another good news! We are officially starting cooperation with Foot Link agency, represented by Tomasz Drankowski. We hope that it will help to grow up in business for all of us. Especially for our players 💪🏻

Gracjan Szyszka trusted FAMG!


We are extremaly happy to announce that very hard working player of FASE - Gracjan Szyszka (2003) trusted us and decided to join our FAMG agency. Big thanks to mother and to you Gracjan. And now we move forward, together!

Our players visited Burnley FC


Three of our players: Bartek Łyczek, Kuba Romanik and Jędrek Góral joined Academy of Burnley FC for trainings! After visitation in Szczecin by manager of English academy - Mr Jonathan Pepper, we had received invitations of mentioned players. For them it was a great chance to discover functioning of top world league academy. Also as they said after coming back - big motivational impact. As you can see - hard work and every day effort pays off!💪🏻

Jedrzej Goral in FAMG!


Very hard working, never giving up, and most importantly always hungry for self development player - Jędrzej Góral (2004) decided to join our agency. Deal has been signed for 3 years. Big thanks to mother and Jędrzej for trust.
Jędrek started his football way in Orzeł Międzyrzecz. His strong points are: patience on the pitch, he always fights for a ball, and great physical conditions. He joined FASE in 2016

Bartek Łyczek joins FAMG!


Another great talent from FASE Szczecin decided to join FAMG. Bartłomiej Łyczek (2004) signed a contract for the next three years. We are so proud and thank you very much for your trust!


Bartek was born in Nowiny and raised in GKS Nowiny Football Club. Born in 2004 right footed goalkeeper is known for his extraordinary physical fitness, excellent physical conditions, courage, understanding of the game and hard work ethic. FASE Szczecin player since August 2017.

Kryspin Lesniak tested by Burnley FC!


On April 23-26, our talented player was tested at the Premier League club academy, where he was able to present his skills at a brand new training center. Kryspin performed very well proving his great football experience.

Jakub Romanik with FAMG


We are pleased to inform about another FASE Szczecin player who joined our agency. Jakub Romanik (2004) decided to sign with Football Academy Management for the next 3.5 years. Thank you for your trust Kuba!


Jakub is from Człuchów, where he developed as a player in AP Człuchów Academy. Born in 2004, a right-footed defensive midfielder is known for his very good positioning and anticipation on the pitch as well as a great working ethics. FASE Szczecin player since august 2017.

Kryspin Leśniak moves to England!


Great information from Crewe Alexandra, where Kryspin Leśniak spent on week on trial in December last year. A club from the north of England, famous for raising footballers, offered our charismatic attacker a two-year scholarship, under which Kryspin will move to Great Britain this summer, to develop his skills under the supervision of the coaching staff from Crewe Alexandra Academy.


Crewe Alexandra Academy again this year has been named in the TOP 20 ranking of the best English academies in terms of productivity - supplying football with professional players. Crewe Alexandra Academy over the years developed some of the world class players like Neil Lennon, David Platt, Robbie Savage, Dean Ashton and Danny Murphy just to name a few.


Kryspin is the first FASE Szczecin player who, thanks to harmonious development and well-led career, will move to England for strictly football purposes.


Kryspin will spend a minimum of two years at the Crewe Alexandra Academy, during which he will fight for a professional football contract.


Good luck, Krycha!

ten element? Co czyni go interesującym? Napisz chwytliwy opis, by przykuć uwagę odwiedzających...

Michał Serdyński with a FAMG contract!


We are pleased to announce that Michał Serdyński (2000) has signed an 1 year agreement with the option of extending the contract for another two years with our agency.

Michał is an ambitious, intelligent and brave goalkeeper who currently represents the colors of Chemik Police. Our goal is to help Michał develop his sporting career.

Summer visit in Bolton Wanderers Academy


​Eight Football Academy School of Excellence players held tests at the Bolton Wanderers academy this summer.

To England - in two turns - flew Borys Sobstyl-Jałoszyński and Konrad Piskorz (both born in 2001) and Piotr Karwowski and Jakub Uzar (both born in 2003), as well as Kryspin Leśniak and Jakub Rośczak (both born in 2003) and Hubert Szulc and Kacper Wnorowski (both born in 2004).

During our stay in the UK, our players had the opportunity to confront their skills with their British friends in both trainings and matches *, collecting positive reviews from BWFC coaches. In the free time between the trainings, FASE players visited Old Trafford stadium as well as the the academy of another English club - Crewe Alexandra, and also met with the footballer of Bolton's senior team - Paweł Olkowski.

Earlier this year Bolton Wanderers Academy was ranked second in the country in terms of "productivity", ie the number of players entered from the academy to the first club team or other clubs over four seasons from 2013/14 to 2016/17.

* Sobstyl-Jałoszyński and Piskorz appeared in the official first team Bolton Wanderers friendly pre-season match

Simon Emche on loan to "Świt" Skolwin


Simon Emche from FASE Szczecin, joined the third-league OKS "Świt" Skolwin for a year loan, where under the supervision of coach Paweł Ozga he will gather valuable experience in senior football. Good luck Simon!

Transfer Forum 2018 in Leeds


On Thursday, April 19, we had the pleasure to participate in the transfer forum of the Premier League, Championship and Division 1. Our work is not only behind-the-scenes talks and contacts, it is also an official presentation of FAMG "to the wider audience".

Jerzy Krasoń signs with FAMG


We are pleased to inform that in the last few days another FASE player - Jerzy Krasoń joined our team of players. Popular Jurek decided to sign with Football Academy Management for the next 3.5 years. Jurek, thanks for being with us!

Jurek was born in Piła and raised by “Football Academy Piła”, where he worked with coach Wiesław Powalisz. Born in 2002 right footed striker is well known for his very good physical conditions, powerful shot, goalscoring and work ethic. FASE Szczecin player from August 2015.

Rafał Wons - another specialist joins FAMG!


With great pleasure we announce that on March 23, 2018 Rafał Wons, football agent experienced on the Polish market and abroad, joined our Football Academy Management team. Our new colleague is an extremely charismatic person with a high work ethic and commitment. Excellent knowledge of English and German is just one of the many strengths of our new friend.

Rafał Wons about himself: The fascination for sport and football has always been a part of my life, from playing in a local club, through minifootball games to the broadly defined football manager. In 2012, I set up my first players management agency in which I could use the previously acquired skills from training in managing processes, sports, team and marketing. The football industry is demanding and diverse, which means that you always learn something new. Work at nights and weekends is not uncommon, but this feeling after long negotiations, and signing the contract by two satisfied parties is irreplaceable. Working in the structures of Football Academy Management, which shares the same philosophy, I know we will make a valuable contribution to the development of Polish football.


Welcome on board Rafał!

Kryspin Lesniak officialy in FAMG!


We are pleased to inform that Kryspin Leśniak from FASE has officialy joined Football Academy Management. Kryspin has signed a contract for the next 3.5 years. Thank you for being with us!

Kryspin was born in 2003 in Wysoka Kamienna. He is a center forward with great pace, dribbling, shot from distance and high scoring results. Player raised by Vineta Wolin joined FASE in august 2016.

Jakub Uzar in FAMG!


We are pleased to announce that today Jakub Uzar from FASE has joined the group of our players. Kuba and his parents trusted Football Academy Management by associating with us for the next 3.5 years. Thank you for your trust!

Kuba was born in 2003 in Poznań. He is left footed center half with a great physical abilities, anticipation and space awerness. Player raised by Suchary Suchy Las joined FASE in august 2016.

#JakubUzar #FAMG #FootballCareer

Piotr Karwowski joins FAMG!


Czym jest ten element? Co czyni go interesującym? Napisz chwytliwy opis, by przykuć uwagę odwiedzających...

Kryspin Lesniak called up for Poland’s U-15 against Macedonia


We are proud to inform that our player Kryspin Lesniak has been called up for the international friendly game between Poland and Macedonia in the U-15 category. Two matches will be held on the 6 and 8 of march 2018 at 1:00 PM local time in Skopje.

We keep our fingers crossed for you Krycha!

Our players from FASE on Polish National U-15 Team meeting


We are proud to announce that our players from FASE: Kryspin Leśniak and Jakub Uzar were invited for Polish National U-15 Team meeting held in Gutow Maly.

Congratulations boys!

Kryspin Leśniak called up for polish U-15 national team


Polish U-15 national team coach Marcin Dorna called up a group of 6 players from the zachodnio-pomorskie region. Our player and a student of Football Academy School of Excellence (FASE) - Kryspin Leśniak is one the lucky 6.

Training camp will be held on 2-6 October 2017 in Jarocin.
Congratulations to Kryspin!


Our players training visit to Bolton Wanderers and Crewe Alexandra


This august three „Football Academy School of Excellence” (FASE) players went to the UK for 5 day training visit.


Szymon Emche, Borys Sobstyl-Jałoszyński (both born in 2001) and Kryspin Leśniak (born in 2003) were training throughout the week with Bolton Wanderers and Crewe Alexandra academy. Our boys were given a chance to visit some of the england’s famous stadiums including „Anfield” and „Old Trafford”. FASE players were also learning about english football history almost every day.


Despite Bolton Wanderers and Crewe Alexandra are not competing in the Premier League, both of these academies are recognised as one of the best in England (category 2 and category 1).


In spring this year BWFC academy was clasified 4th in england for „producing players”, which is transfering youngsters from the academy to the first team in the last 3 years. Meanwhile Crewe Alexandra made a history when in april 2013 the whole starting eleven of the 1st team in a league game, was formed by the players from the club’s academy. This has  happened first time in the modern history of english football.


FASE players were given an opportunty to visit UK as a reward for their hard work in training and commitment on and off the pitch last season. It was a great opportunity to challenge them and compare their skills in a different yet very competetive enviroment.


This visit is an offcial start of „Football Academy Management”, our players management agency and also a rebuilt of a long term partnership from the past between Football Academy and Bolton Wanderers.


We would like to thank both BWFC and Crewe Alexandra for their great hospitality and time spent with our players.

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Football Academy Management - official start


We would like to proudly announce an official start of Football Academy Management (FAMG) - players management agency specialising in the development of young footballers' sports careers.


We provide a full spectrum of professional services and personal care of our clients in transfer and contract matters. We also help to organise non-sports life so that our players can focus on the things that matters most to them - football.


Our knowledge and experience is supported by many years of work with the young players in one of the largest soccer schools in Europe "Football Academy" and its elite program: Football Academy School of Excellence (FASE).


In FAMG we are dedicated to work with every player who's professional career requires the right levels of individual care and manager involvement.

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