Maciej Mas

Maciej is a striker born in 2001. He was raised by famous polish academy UKS SMS Łódź. Maciej attributes are: great physical conditions (191 cm height), strength and striker sense. In 2019 he joined 1st league club GKS Bełchatów (on loan). Few months there were enough to get Cagliari attention and transfer to Italian Club. 


Jakub Iskra

Jakub is a regular player of polish youth national teams (U-16 - U-19), who started his career in Chojna (near Szczecin). There he was scouted by Pogoń Szczecin. On summer 2018 he was transferred to Italian SPAL Ferrara. Jakub is a fighter, he has great physical conditions, he is also always determined to win for his team. 

Side back

Szymon Emche

Born in 2001 in Kikorza center forward with very good physical conditions, pace, heading and scoring goals. Player raised by Pomorzanin Nowogard joined FASE in august 2014. Currently represents italian U.S. Cremonese.

Center forward

Gracjan Szyszka

Gracjan is from Kołobrzeg where he started to play football in the local club Kotwica. Right-footed center-back with perfect ball lead. He is a Real leader who is distinguished by great determination and diligence, as well as great physical conditions. Gracjan joined FASE in 2016. He currently represents Italian SPAL Ferrara 2013.

Central defender

Szymon Matysiak

Szymon is a goalkeeper from Szczecin. His first steps in football were done in Pogoń Szczecin, from where he moved to Lech Poznań. He spent 2 years in Poznań. On summer 2018 he decided to come back to his hometown and join FASE Szczecin. However his adventure in FASE didn’t last for long. He moved to Italian Torino during the same transfer window. Szymon is extremely strong in mental and physical way. 


Adam Stefański

Adam Stefański was born in Szczecinek, where he started to play football in local Academy. His talent was picked up by FASE Szczecin, from where in winter 2020 he moved to Italian SPAL Ferrara.

Central midfielder

Jan Mróz

Jan Mróz is a player born in 2003. Thanks to his strength and speed on the pitch he succeeded to contract with Cracovia Kraków in 2019 from his hometown club Hetman Zamość. His best position is winger or striker. 

Winger / striker

Tomasz Pałgan

Tomasz is a talent born in Łódź city. His position is a offensive midfielder. His strong points are: distance shoot and great pass. He is representing UKS SMS Łódź from years. 

Striker / offensive midfielder

Dawid Wach

Dawid comes from Kamień Pomorski, where he started his football career (in local team: Gryf). Then he moved to Vineta Wolin. He developed under wings of Paweł Ozga, and moved to Ruch Chorzów. Quickly he became star of Ruch U-17 team, achieving silver medal and top goal scorer title. His talent has been seen by major polish clubs, Dawid chose Legia Warszawa. Currently on loan to 3rd league club: Wólczanka Wólka Pełkińska. 

Striker / midfielder

Krystian Rybicki

Krystian - born in 2002 in Stargard (near Szczecin) is an artist of the pitch. His talent was quickly seen by Pogoń Szczecin. He plays in Pogoń until today. Currently captain of U-18 team. Krystian is regular player of Polish national teams (U-15 - U-17). 

Offensive midfielder

Sebastian Jarosz

Sebastian Jarosz is a talented central midfielder, who started his career in Lech Poznań. He was always known from his high technique skills. Currently playing for 1st league Stomil Olsztyn. 

Offensive midfielder

Maciej Krakowiak

Maciej is a goalkeeper born in Łódź. In Poland he played in popular clubs such as: Widzew Łódź or GKS Bełchatów. He spent 3 years in Japan (FC Imabari), in 2020 decided to come back to Poland to continue his career in KKS Kalisz (3rd league). 


Hubert Antkowiak

Hubert comes from Jarocin, where he started his career in local Jarota. There after scoring many goals, he was transferred to Miedź Legnica. Currently on loan to Resovia Rzeszów (2nd league). Hubert is tall and strong type of striker. 


Patryk Woźniak

Patryk Woźniak is a defensive midfielder born in 2001. He is a real hard worker. His strong points are: defensive skills and leadership. Currently playing for 3rd league RKS Radomsko. 

Central midfielder

Wiktor Grzeszczak

Wiktor is a young talent born in Chojna. From local team there he moved to Chemik Police, later to Pogoń Szczecin. Currently playing for Błękitni Stargard. 

Striker / offensive midfielder

Dominik Dziąbek

Dominik is an energetic striker and winger. His strong point is speed. Dominik is a proud captain of national team of orphans in Poland. Currently playing for Hutnik Szczecin. 

Striker / offensive midfielder

Kryspin Leśniak

Born in 2003 in Wysoka Kamienna center forward with great pace, dribbling, shot from distance and high scoring results. Player raised by Vineta Wolin joined FASE in august 2016.

Center forward

Damian Wojda

Damian is a solid defensive midfielder. His strong points are: vision of the pitch, strength and distance shoot. For years played for Arka Gdynia Academy, currently playing for Radunia Stężyca.

Center midfielder

Jakub Pietrakowski

Jakub is a hard working defensive midfielder. Raised by Odra Opole Academy, currently playing for LZS Starowice Dolne. His strong points are: endurance, strength and determination. 

Defensive midfielder

Jakub Kaniewski

Jakub is ambitious young player who player for Pogoń Szczecin Academy for years. Currently playing for Stilon Gorzów. 

Central midfielder

Bartosz Nizio

Bartosz is an always motivated offensive midfielder, comes from Stargard area. Quickly joined Pogoń Szczecin Academy. Currently on loan to Chemik Police. 

Offensive midfielder

Bartosz Kunat

Bartosz is a dynamic right/left defender. Born in 1999 in Rybnik. Played in Korona Kielce for years, currently playing for his mother club ROW Rybnik 

Right side back

Dawid Krzyżaniak

Dawid comes from Jarocin. He is an offensive midfielder. Played for 2 years in Pogoń Szczecin (where he became best goal scorer of U-17 team). Currently playing for his mother club Jarota Jarocin. 

Offensive midfielder

Krystian Adamiak

Krystian is a solid defensive midfielder, whose main strength is play in the air. Born in Pabianice, playing in UKS SMS Łódź for years. 

Defensive midfielder

Szymon Młynarczyk

Szymon is another standing out player of UKS SMS Łódź. Strong and ambitious player. Mostly playing as winger or side back. Born in 2000. 

Side back / midfielder

Mateusz Leszczuk

Mateusz is a gifted player with great technique. Born in Opole where he started his career (in Odra Opole). Quickly scouted by Legia Warszawa. Currently playing for KS Łomianki. 


Damian Kasprzak

Damian is a very tough and unyielding defender, born in 2001. From years he is representing Zagłębie Lubin, where he is currently playing for 2nd team.

Central defender

Marcin Wiśniewski

Marcin - born on 2001 in Pomerania. He started his career in KP Starogard Gdański, from where he moved to Lechia Gdańsk. Currently playing again for KP. Marcin is an ambitious na hard working winger. He can also play as side back. He is left footed. 

Side back / winger

Paweł Jachno

Paweł comes from Szczecin, raised by Pogoń Szczecin. Very solid defensive midfielder with „strong” lungs. Thanks to his great play he was called by national team of Poland (U-16 and U-17) several times. Currently playing for Elana Toruń. 

Defensive midfielder

Konrad Żulpo

Konrad Żulpo is extremaly hard working side back with super endurance. His first steps as player were done in Pogoń Szczecin. Currently on loan to Świt Szczecin. Konrad is well known for his big heart to play. 

Side back

Aleks Łęcki

Ales Łęcki - born in 2003 in Elbląg. His career started in local Olimpia. Very universal and hard working player. From one and half year representing FASE Szczecin. 

Środkowy / boczny midfielder

Jakub Świder

Jakub comes from Słubice. He is dynamic winger. After many good appearances in representation of his region, he was scouted by Pogoń Szczecin. Currently playing for Chemik Police (on loan). 


Daniel Kowalczyk

Daniel is a combative and fast winger. Born in 2002, playing from the beginning of his career for local Chemik Police, where he is fighting for place in top team now. 


Jędrzej Góral

Jędrek comes from Międzyrzecz, where he made his first football steps (Orzeł Międzyrzecz). He is a right-footed central defender who is distinguished by calmness in the game, fights for every ball and has as great physical conditions. he joined FASE in 2016.

Central defender

Bartek Łyczek

Bartek was born in Nowiny and raised in GKS Nowiny Football Club. Born in 2004 right footed goalkeeper is known for his extraordinary physical fitness, excellent physical conditions, courage, understanding of the game and hard work ethic. FASE Szczecin player since August 2017.


Jakub Romanik

Born in Człuchów in 2004, where he developed as a player in AP Człuchów Academy. Right-footed defensive midfielder is known for his very good positioning and anticipation on the pitch as well as a great working ethics. FASE Szczecin player since august 2017.

Defensive midfielder

Jakub Uzar

Born in 2003 in Poznań left footed center half with great physical abilities, anticipation and space awerness. Player raised by Suchary Suchy Las joined FASE in august 2016.

Center half