Representing player and contract negotiations

Representing player in all official contacts with the club and negotiating individual contract conditions and clauses

Organizing day to day life off the pitch (accommodation, transport, education, etc.)

In order for a player to focus on his most important sports responsibilities, it is necessary to organize his day to day life off the pitch


You can’t reach the top of your form without maximum sacrifice. This very often leads to overloads and injuries that require adequate health care

Capital protection and investment planning

Professional football career generates revenue that requires right protection and a well-thought-out investment strategy. Consultations in this area allow our clients to maintain a good standard of living also after the end of the sports career

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Seeking for club options for the player

It’s a service to search on a global market for the best club option for our player, based on his profile, skills and personal characteristics

Creating and protecting players image and image rights

Football player is not only an athlete who proves his value on the pitch, it is also a brand and a role model for others who want to identify with success

Legal services

In life of professional footballer sports aspects are as important as the legal perspective. Our services are not only dedicated for contracts but also for all other legal matters

And more

The full range of services for young footballers entering the world of professional football give our clients comfort of working with only few people who are responsible for many different aspects of their sports career. We take care of everything, from legal issues to practical life

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